Ultimate Bath Bombs 4.5 oz - Pure Goat Soapworks
Ultimate Bath Bombs 4.5 oz - Pure Goat Soapworks
Ultimate Bath Bombs 4.5 oz - Pure Goat Soapworks

Ultimate Bath Bombs 4.5 oz

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The ultimate delight in bath bombs await you!  Are you ready for soft, supple skin, intoxicating fragrance, a splash of color, and an hour of pampering?  Draw a hot bath, add one of Pure Goat Soapworks large 4.5 oz bath bombs, and get ready for pure bliss and relaxation!

Softening Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, along with luxurious Almond Oil are added to each bath bomb and dissolve into your bath water.  As you soak, your skin is softened and moisturized, and the lovely fragrance promotes relaxation.

Ultimate bath bombs are available in three intoxicating fragrances - Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cucumber + Melon, and Ocean.  

Black Raspberry Vanilla, our vibrant purple bath bomb, smells soft and sweet like warm black raspberries mixed with fragrant vanilla.  It turns your bath water a soft purple/blue shade, and leaves your skin feeling silky and moisturized.

Cucumber Melon, our bright pink bath bomb, has a clean, inviting scent and smells of freshly cut cucumbers and delectable melon.  It turns your bath water  light pink.  

Ocean, our bright blue bath bomb, smells like fresh, clean beach air and has hints of water lily and apple blossom mixed with sweet sandalwood and soft bergamot.  It fizzes and dissolves, turning your bath water a beautiful ocean blue.  

Each of our Ultimate Bath Bombs are topped with shimmering gold mica, and transform your bath from an ordinary experience to a delightful, spa-like retreat that you can recreate daily.

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