What is a Sugar Scrub? How do I use a Sugar Scrub?

What is a sugar scrub?  Why it's a mini spa treatment that you can use to smooth and soften your skin!  Our sugar scrub combines the scrubbiness of sugar with amazing skin-loving oils to exfoliate dry, patchy skin and reveal buttery soft hands, feet, legs... even lips! 

And just like our Hand + Heel Butter, our Smooth + Soften Sugar Scrubs contain Lanolin.  It's our key ingredient to lock moisture in, and it's super gentle. 

I love it because my hands and lips feel so smooth and moisturized when I'm done!  Coconut is my favorite because it reminds me of the perfect day at the beach, but all of them are lovely.  

Check out all of our scents here, and check out my how-to-use video by clicking through this photo!


Nichole explains how to use a sugar scrub


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