Staying Organized Amidst the Chaos

Fall is now in full swing, the leaves are beginning to give way to patches of crimson and gold, and the holidays will be here sooner than seems possible.  While January is touted as the month in which we lay out our goals and prepare of the New Year, the best way to achieve our goals is to always keep them present in our minds.

One of the tools I frequently use to keep myself on tract is my Tools4Wisdom Planner.  It has spots to write out my weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.  I prioritize my activities keeping my goals in mind, and actively check to see that I am working toward them.  I also review my goals frequently to make sure that they still make sense.

Following Steven Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), I begin with the end in mind, and I try to plan out not just my week, but keep mindful of how what I am doing fits in to what I envision for 1, 5, or even 10 years from now.

Eating healthy while keeping up with our family’s busy schedule and special dietary needs is definitely an area that preplanning helps.  Preparing a large batch of quinoa and rice on the weekend, and planning crock pot meals on our crazy days make healthy homemade dinners possible.

I am also making a point to begin to plan our Christmas shopping earlier this year, so I won’t be caught scrambling last minute for gifts.

What area of your life could you be more organized in?  I know I have much to work on (like keeping my home neat and organized!), but knowing my weak areas and vowing to improve them is the first step.




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