Mother's Day Favs

I recently asked a few great moms to share their favorite Pure Goat Soapworks products, and why.  Here is what they said:
Phyllis (my lovely mom!) said: HAND AND HEEL BUTTER - I wash my hands and it doesn't wash off.  It stays on long after I put it on, and it's not greasy after I rub it in.  TEA TREE GOAT MILK SOAP - It's natural but not overpowering.  I get overwhelmed with fake chemical scents, but this is clean. It's relaxing, and I know that I can trust it.  It rinses off clean and doesn't get "gooey".
Lisa said: We all need to take a little time for ourselves. So, my PGSW must haves that give me the ability to de-stress are... THE TRIO SPA BATH BOMBS - The aroma makes me slip into relaxation with the sense of tranquility.  It's the best way to unwind before bed and helps with deep muscle relaxation and takes care of my skin.  Especially, with having a skin condition.  ENERGIZE ROSEMARY MINT - While cleaning it has a wonderful scent. It makes my skin silky soft and I don't feel the need to apply skin lotion right away after showering.
Lynnette said: I love the WARM VANILLA SUGAR SCRUB because it makes my skin feel so soft.  I also love the Warm Vanilla Hand + Heel Butter.  It is great on my rough feet and equally awesome to soften my hands.  I use it all the time (and need to get more)!

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