Meet Jack-O'-Lantern, our newest Beer Soap

Hey there!  It's Nichole from Pure Goat Soapworks and Sixpack Suds.  I am excited to introduce you to Jack-O'-Lantern, my newest Beer Soap!  It's great for our crisp, fall weather - it boasts a spiced pumpkin lager smell, makes great bubbles, and is the ideal way to enjoy brew without a headache. 

Jack-O'Lantern is a large 5 oz bar, designed to get you clean and enhance your shower experience.  

Did you ever wonder where the term Jack-O'-Lantern comes from?  It's an interesting Irish tale, and involves a drink and a man called "Stingy Jack"!  

Stingy Jack invited the devil to a drink at a tavern, and as his name implies, didn't want to pay.  He persuaded the devil to turn himself into a coin to pay, but then pocketed the coin, trapping the devil.  He kept the coin next to a silver cross, which prevented the devil from escaping.  

He tricked the devil so that he wouldn't claim his soul, but when Stingy Jack died, he was also barred from Heaven.  He was he was given a coal to light his path, which he put into a carved out turnip, and roamed the earth known as "Jack of the Lantern" or Jack-O'-Lantern!

Read more from The History Channel if you'd like the full story, and click on Jack-O'-Lantern to shop for this beer soap!

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