10 Amazingly Simple + Free Ways to Show Love + Kindness

Part of our mission at Pure Goat Soapworks is to inspire you to show love + kindess. Here are 10 simple but powerful ways you can show love + kindness, and you won’t have to spend a dime.

  1. Share a cup of coffee or tea with someone special.  Every morning my husband makes me a mug of tea, and leaves it on the counter for me sealed in a Contigo insulated cup so it’s hot and fresh when I’m ready to drink it.  It puts a smile on my face, and I feel loved each time I see my cup waiting for me.
  2. Give a sincere, unexpected compliment. Did the cashier at Meijer have a smile on her face?  Tell her that you appreciate her friendliness.  Did your son have a good attitude despite losing his baseball game?  Tell him how proud you are of his behavior.  Did a business rival excel at something?  Let her know that she impressed you.
  3. Pick a bouquet of flowers and bless someone with it.  Even my 7 year old can do this – and he often does!  It melts my mommy heart to receive tiny dandelions and wildflowers.  Do you have any perennials growing in the flowerbeds around your house?  Surprise your daughter, spouse, or even a total stranger with a small bouquet.  She will love it, and it could completely change her day for the better.
  4. Play a quick game of ball with your children or grandchildren.  It might turn into a long game – we often forget how fun it is to play!  My 15-year-old soccer player delights in any type of soccer game, even if it’s playing with his slow, uncoordinated mother.   His eyes light up and I know he revels in the attention.
  5. Do an unexpected chore for your spouse, parent, or child.  Surprise him or her by taking on a task that he or she dreads.
  6. Turn off the devices (tv, phones, iPods, computers) and offer your full, undivided attention.  Checking social media, email, and notifications on devices robs us of our full attention.  Show your spouse, your child, your friend that they matter by giving them all of the time you have together, without the distractions.
  7. Visit with an elderly relative, neighbor, or friend’s parent or grandparent.  Our bodies will fail us all, someday.  Remember that the elderly person has value, and is often limited by a body that is unable function as it once did.  Your special visit will make them happy for days.  When I was in elementary school, our parochial school would make visits to nursing homes, and we would sing songs and then visit with the patients.  They had an “Adopt a Grandparent” program, where we would spend time with one of the residents during our monthly visits.  I didn’t understand at the time why some of the residents would cry during our performances, and why they were so happy to see us.  A simple visit, a half-hour of your time, can brighten someone’s day and allow them to feel valuable.
  8. Write a letter, or send a card or note.  In our digital world, receiving something handwritten is rare.  Surprise your mother or father, and let them know that you appreciate them. Send a note to your child in college.  Send a birthday card to a friend.
  9. Reconnect with an old friend or mentor.  Send a message to your college roommate that you haven’t seen in years.  Track down your old next-door neighbor you used to play with as a child.   Did you have a teacher or mentor when you were growing up mean a lot to you?   Send him or her a note (see #8) and share your gratitude.
  10. Pray for people who are hurting, or for people that you don’t even like.  When you find yourself thinking ill of someone, or criticizing them in your mind, stop immediately, and say a quick prayer for them.  Turn your mind to kindness and compassion.

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